How it works

What is White Label?

Our professional, fourth-generation GPS tracking platform is ready for you. With our White Label solution you can start your own GPS business. Use your brand, logo, domain, prices and don't worry about technology.

GPS trackers, SIM-cards, activation codes

In addition to the White Label software, you will need GPS trackers. These trackers determine the car's or people position and collect additional data such as fuel level or other sensors. We support a premium-selected, high variety of GPS trackers. See trackers list for more info. You can order it from the manufacturer, or from us too. Starter Kit is available for testing purposes.

For the communication between the trackers and the servers you will need a SIM card with active data services. Trackers are usually use approx. 15 MB data traffic monthly. Ask your mobile operator for a favorable data plan.

The system identifies the user subscriptions with an activation code. After you have set up the tracker with our parameters, you will can assign an activation code to it. The user will activate his tracker with this activation code.


Our monthly subscription fee is due - according to your chosen package (Free, Standard, Pro, Enterprise) - on the first day of the month. Number of free trackers depends on the package you selected. (pls see packages). We don't bill for the trackers assigned to your administrator account and run less than 20 kilometers a month. Packages are available here.

In addition you can bill directly to your customer.


We provide a lot of technical and user manual for free. Live support is available according to your subscription package.