Oil & Mining Solutions

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Track heavy equipment and mining machinery
Avoid costly equipment fixes, prevent equipment theft, and ensure maximum productivity by:
  • Tracking equipment location, usage and work hours
  • Using sensors to monitor equipment health and schedule proactive maintenance
  • Reducing mechanical failures and security threats
Monitor sensors on remote installations
Reduce the number and expense of site visits and receive all remote sensor data in real-time in the office by:
  • Transmitting data from remote weather stations
  • Measuring and control dust levels
  • Improving data quality and availability
  • Increasing operational efficiency and automating processes
Manage water in mining
Monitoring and controlling water in a mining operation is a big issue for mine operators, as water affects all aspects of operations in a dramatic way - from water supply, to floods, to wastewater regulations. Increase real-time visibility by:
  • Measuring water flow and forecast supply of potable and industrial water
  • Monitoring and controlling pumps and flood control systems remotely
  • Monitoring water quality using sensors to gauge pollutant levels; acidity, salinity and more
Why satellite?
Using terrestrial networks is enough for some locations, but many remote sites remain unconnected. Satellite offers a fast cost-effective deployment with low cost of ownership and high reliability - ideal for both mobile (heavy equipment) and fixed (water pumps, sensors) installations in one system.