This product can be used for video surveillance or remote monitoring which applies in common or special vehicles such as buses, logistic vehicles, trucks, long-distance coaches, taxis, tankers, cars, school buses, police cars, patrol cars. In front-end it mainly collects video signal by dedicated automotive camera, then transmits to the MDVR host via a special video cable to do the video compression and image processing, which is locally storage in SD card.

It can also be remote monitored or remote video recorded and downloaded by the remote client if with 3G models. It can real-time locate the vehicle position; Figure 1-1 schematic diagram is a common mode of application, each function during actual use will vary with the presence of module.  

Key Features

  • 4 channel video & audio synchronous real-time recording and playback
  • 4ch FULL D1@25fps
  • Built-in 2.5 inches HDD supports max 1TB, Professional hard disk damping technology.
  • 3G network, such as HSUPA/HSDPA/WCDMA/EVDO is selectable.
  • Built-in GPS module
  • Built-in G-sensor
  • External WIFI special interface.
  • Built-in 1 SD card for backup recording when HDD errors.
  • 2 high speed USB2.0 interfaces, the front is used to export record file. The back is use to mirror recording for waterproof and fireproof.
  • 8 digital alarm inputs, 2 digital level output.
  • Three RS485 interfaces, one RS232 interface.
  • Built-in hard disk heating technology. It can be worked in -40°C - + 85°C0 Power supply: 8V- 36V

Detail Specifications





Items Parameters Specifications
  Language English
System Operation Menu Graphical User interface OSD menu)
Password Users Password/
Administrator Password
  Video input 4-CH video input 1.0Vp-p, 75Q
  Video output 1-CH composite video output
1.0Vp-p, 75Q 1 VGA output
Video Video display 1 channel or synchronous
4 channels
  Video signal PAL, NTSC
H.264 Main profile
PAL:100fps at D1, NTSC: 120fps at D1
  Audio input 4-ch Audio input
Audio Audio output 1-ch Audio output
  Recording mode Audio & Video sync Recording
  Image Resolution 4 D1, 4 HD1, 4 CIF options
  Video Compression H.264 Main profile
    CIF: 1536Kbps ~ 128Kbps
4 levels optional.
    Highest: 0 level Lowest: 3 level
  Video bit rate Hd1: 2048Kbps ~ 512Kbps
4 levels optional.
Highest: 0 level Lowest: 3 level
D1: 4Mbps ~ 1Mbps,
4 levels optional.
Highest: 0 level Lowest: 3 level
Processing &
Audio Compression ADPCM, G.726, G.711 Options
Audio Bit rate 8KB/s
    Support One HDD Max 1TB
  Storage Support One SD Card
Backup when HDD is error.
Support Mirror Recording
with a expand HDD
  Alarm input Alarm input8 digital level inputs,
below 4V is low level alarm,
above 4V are high level alarm
Alarm Alarm output 2 digital level outputs,
output voltage level:12V

Items Parameters Specifications
Communication Interface Rs485 Interface Support 2-RS485 interface
Rs232 Interface Support 1-RS232 interface
WIFI Interface Support 802.11b/g/n
Support connecting LCD control panel via
extended interface
Audio amplifier
Support Stereo Audio output, it can contact
20W speaker directly
GPS Built-in GPS module, Geographic
coordinates, speed can be recorded in
hard disk and also can be transmitted to CMS.
Acceleration Sensor Embedded acceleration sensor
Software Playback Playback Software is used to
playback video file, GPS track,
G-sensor, and alarm information.
CMS Center vehicle management
software platform, it can manage
10000 devices at same time, if
need to manager more units, add
more servers to realize it.
Software Upgrade Support Flash disk to upgrade the firmware

Electric Specifications  

Items Parameters Specifications
Power input +8-+36V +8V~+36V, When long-term under 8V,
or long-term over 36V, Auto power off,
enter protected mode.
Power output 12V 12V (+/-0.2V), Max:3A.
ACC Detection <4V Power OFF0
>5V Power ON
Video input
750 750 for each video input impedance
Video output
2Vp-p Output 2Vp-p CVBS analog signal,
displayer device input need 750
impedance to fit it0
I/O interface 0—4V Low level alarm
4V«± High level alarm
Operating Temp -40°C-75°C Under well-ventilated environment.