GPS tracking software services

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Your brand + Virtual Reality


Successful business


Real-time GPS tracking


Automatic journal generation

Real-time tracking allows you to see all your vehicles at 24/7. All routes can be presented on the map and charted on impressive diagrams.


It takes only one click to create the driver's journal.. Data can be exported to XLS, PDF and CSV file formats.


Fast statistics?


Want to monitor your fuel consumption?


Statistics, charts


Fuel-level, temperature metering

Its easy to present collected data on nice graphs and charts or export/link them to other applications.


To achieve additional savings, put an optional hardware to monitor fuel level and vehicle temperature.


ASAP notifications?


Partners in journal


Custom alerts & events


Point of Interest (POI)

You can assign visual alerts and e-mail notifications to any events (Engine on, SOS ..etc.)


You can mark your business partners or any important places on the map. The names of the partners will appear at the driver's journal.


Share your position!


Unlimited access to your personal data


Real-time sharing


Location Based Data (LBD)

Share your position with your co-workers or friends! It is easy to set who can access your data.


All data sent by the tracker are stored at one place. Routes and any data packages can be deleted with your superuser login.