White Label platform features

Our GPS fleet tracking platform has a lot of useful services for your clients. But how can we support your business?

Your logo & colors


Your domain


Hosted by us (SaaS)


Use your own logo and colors.


Use your domain and brand.


No need to buy servers. The platform is hosted by us.


Tracker independent




Activation code


We support a high variety of premium GPS trackers. See tracker list


Easy to integrate new trackers to the system.


We provide activation code based subscriptions for your clients.


Multiple languages


Multiple maps


Technical support


Increasing number of available languages.


We support OpenStreetMap and Google Maps, but any maps can be integrated.


We provide scalable technical support.


Secure Login


Future technology


Virtual Reality API


All data is served over HTTPS.


Continuous platform development with future technologies applied.


All functions of the Virtual Reality platform can be accessed through the Virtual Reality API.